Our Team

Emnotion is comprised of talented people from various backgrounds (data science, algorithms, biology, environment, engineering, sales, and marketing) contributing to its synergy and uniqueness.


Ilya Shapira

CEO Co Founder

Ilya is BEng and MBA graduate. Investor. Has over 14 years in developing new markets, focusing on new technologies, and always searching for new opportunities. As a retired R&D officer in an elite IDF unit, Ilya gained valuable skills in product development and lean management.


Alexander Zogas

CTO Co Founder

Alex is a direct Ph.D. Biology of Plants and Environment. With over 15 years in research and extensive knowledge in algorithms development, Alex is pushing Emnotion to the new edges of impossible.


Yosef Shapira

Co Founder & Advisor

We trust Jordan Parker with all of our business needs. Eager and curious, Jordan Parker proves that no technological feat is too big to tackle. From business analysis to technological solutions, you want this hard working innovator in your corner. Get in touch to learn more.


Amir Gruber

Partner and Legal Advisor

Amir M. Gruber is a commercial law expert, with vast experience in private placements, technology and software licensing, distribution, manufacturing, development, and other commercial agreements, both in Israel and abroad.


Itzik Amado

Partner & Financial Advisor

Itzik is a highly experienced market behaviour and trading analyst with background of working for the largest international financial institutions.


Alex Geftler

Partner and Medical Advisor

Alex is a practicing spine surgery orthopedic surgeon at Soroka Hospital. Alex has a great background of serving as commander of the health department in an elite IDF unit.